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Using a Children’s Cream: is it essential?

The difference between children’s and adults’ skin

The appearance and functions of children’s skin differ from those of adult skin. The normal self-defense mechanisms of healthy adult skin are less developed in children and babies. A baby’s skin is thinner and more delicate than an adult’s. On average, an adult’s skin is five times thicker than a baby’s. The sebaceous and sweat glands are also less active in children than in adults. This is why the protective hydrolipidic film is still relatively delicate.

Regulating body temperature can be difficult, making children particularly sensitive to temperature changes. Children’s skin is also less pigmented than adults’ skin and therefore more sensitive to UV rays.

As a child grows, its skin changes: at around age 6, the structure of the skin reaches full maturity and is similar to that of an adult. Sebaceous gland activity starts to increase when the hormonal changes of puberty begin, around age 12. These hormonal changes cause boys’ and girls’ skins, which were previously similar, to become differentiated in structure and behavior.

These differences explain why children’s skin needs to be cared for using products specifically designed for its needs. At Rogé Cavaillès, we have developed hygiene and care products to meet the needs of all the family’s skin.


Body-moisturizing products containing vitamin-rich Surgras, researched by and exclusive to Cavaillès, that nourishes the skin for improved moisturization.

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