The effectiveness of a skincare product in a sensual ritual, to nourish hands and nails.


Damaged Hands: why and how to care for your hands?

We make constant demands of our hands: we tap away at a keyboard, we do household chores, and so on. Our hands thus often get some rough treatment but are also often neglected. Exposed to external irritants, just like the face, they age rapidly and show the signs of aging. They also require special care because we wash them so often. Even if hand-cleansing products are made with a mild soap, they undermine the natural barrier function of the epidermis. And, contrary to popular belief, antibacterial gels, although useful, irritate the skin and sensitize the upper layers of the epidermis.

Taking care of your hands means paying special attention to them. To strengthen the hydrolipidic film that protects their surface, apply a cream with nourishing and repairing properties every day. Say goodbye to hands damaged by external irritants.

Find softness and moisturization with the Rogé Cavaillès hand creams with the high tolerance formula containing vitamin-rich Surgras, which contains 97% naturally-sourced ingredients. They come in a choice of three sensual fragrances, to suit every woman. The choice is yours.


Moisturizers containing vitamin-rich Surgras to care for the skin on your hands.

Nourishing Hand Cream
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Soft Hand Cream
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Velvety Hand Cream
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