Skincare products with a dual moisturizing action to protect sensitive and dry, even parched, skin, and give it deep-down protection.


How to repair skin damaged by external irritants in summer?

UV rays, sand, salt and changes in routine all weaken the skin. It becomes parched, and needs some special care to stay healthy. Moisturization, nutrition and lots of softness are called for, to renew the skin ready for returning to school and work.
Start gently, in the shower, by using cold water. Five minutes will do: lingering in the shower does nothing to moisturize the skin. Use a soap-free cleansing gel containing moisturizing and nourishing agents such as Surgras or vegetable oils. After showering, nourish your skin lavishly with a lotion, cream, balm or oil. It also pays to watch what you eat, and to choose “healthy” foods.
In summer our body clocks adjust to the abundant sunshine and longer daylight hours, and when autumn arrives and our summer holidays end the sudden change upsets them, making our bodies more easily tired. To help with this, eat more fruit and vegetables and opt for a glass of lemon juice in the morning.

How to repair skin damaged by external irritants in winter?

Dehydrated skin, reactive skin: you need to prepare your skin for winter, and repair any damage.
In winter, because of hostile conditions such as drying wind, cold weather, pollution and central heating, you tend to have dehydrated skin. Additional internal factors such as fatigue or stress do not help. Over time, these constant irritants cause the hydrolipid film to deteriorate, thus compromising its barrier function and leaving the skin unable to defend itself. Skin becomes reactive and intolerant.
It thus needs constant protection, as well as help to repair itself and, if dry, to rehydrate itself. To do all this, the right habits are:
– Moisturize your skin as soon as you wake up
– Protect your skin during the day with a rich cream that keeps it soft
– Cleanse and repair your skin in the evening, with daily use of a mask and moisturizer


Body-moisturizing products containing vitamin-rich Surgras, researched by and exclusive to Cavaillès, that nourishes the skin for improved moisturization.

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