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Privacy Policy

Rogé Cavaillès respects your right to online privacy when you use our websites and communicate with us digitally.  
We implement all necessary measures and do our utmost to ensure the security of personal data you provide. 
This Privacy Policy outlines the data processing techniques used by Rogé Cavaillès as related to Internet use and other digital communications networks.
If you have questions concerning your personal data or our methods, please contact Rogé Cavaillès at the address provided in Question 5. 

1- What personal data does Rogé Cavaillès collect via its website, and what methods does it use to do so?
We only collect the personal information you wish to share or that we need in order to provide and improve our services. 
We collect direct personal information, such as your name, birthdate and e-mail address, as well as indirect information, such as cookies and connection and system information. 
Rest assured that Rogé Cavaillès implements all necessary measures to keep the personal data you share with us private and secure. 

2- How does Rogé Cavaillès protect my personal information?
Rogé Cavaillès implements all necessary measures to keep your personal information private and secure. Only authorized Rogé Cavaillès personnel, authorized third-party personnel (outside of Rogé Cavaillès, i.e. service providers) and the authorized personnel of our business partners (who have signed contracts to keep the information secure) have access to your personal data. All Rogé Cavaillès and third-party personnel are subject to this Privacy Policy.

3- What does Rogé Cavaillès use my personal information for?
Your personal information will only be used for the reason you provided it to Rogé Cavaillès. It will be used to manage and maintain service quality, to obtain service reviews and to prevent infringement of security regulations, laws or contractual agreements. 

4- With whom does Rogé Cavaillès share my personal information and why? 
Rogé Cavaillès will not share your personal information with third-party businesses who intend to use it for direct marketing, unless you have explicitly authorized it.  

5- How can I see, check, change or delete the personal information I’ve shared with Rogé Cavaillès? 
In accordance with the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law of January 6, 1978 and amended in 2004, you have the right to access and correct information about you. You may exercise that right at any time by sending a letter to:  
Rogé Cavaillès S.A.S. 
Immeuble le Doublon – Bât A, 11 avenue Dubonnet 92407 Courbevoie cedex France.

6- How long does Rogé Cavaillès keep my personal information?
Rogé Cavaillès stores information you provide through this website in its internal databases, such as Marketing and Customer Relations databases. Rogé Cavaillès will only keep your personal information for as long is as reasonably necessary for our ability to answer questions or resolve problems, propose new services, improve services and comply with all applicable legislation.  We may keep your information for a reasonable period after you have stopped using Rogé Cavaillès’s services and this website. Following that period, it will be deleted from all of the brand’s systems. 
Remember that you have the right to request information concerning you be deleted at any time. Please see Question 5:  "How can I see, check, change or delete the personal information I’ve shared with Rogé Cavaillès? "

7- Can Rogé Cavaillès make changes to this Privacy Policy? 
From time to time, Rogé Cavaillès will update and correct this Privacy Policy. Please check back periodically to stay up to date with changes made and determine whether they have any impact on you.  
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